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Some Links

I thought I’d put up some links to various talks/presentations that I’ve done and are up on the web:


I was happy to give an presentation introducing NoSQL for the European Virtual Alt.Net group. You can find it here:


I have done a couple of talks at Skillsmatter now on Command Query Responsibility Segregation style architectures.

This was the first, for the London .NET User Group. I wasn’t best pleased with how it went, really I needed to have spent more time preparing. You can find the video of the talk here.

The second was at the Progressive.NET tutorials and was part of a morning of talks on the topic with Ian Cooper & Toby Henderson. This time I had more material than I ended up being left time for, but I was a lot happier with how it went and what I was able to communicate. The audience was great, and I tried not to let the fact I had the likes of Oren (Ayende) and Dave Laribee in the front row intimidate me too much! My talk begins about 3 hours into the video, and be aware that the slides on the site are pretty fubar’d, but you can see them on the video. You can find the video of our presentations here.

I also gave an introduction to CQRS at the DDD South West 2 conference, the slides are here, but due to the fact that I use animations some look a little broken sadly as SlideShare doesn’t seem to cope with this. Also don’t forget, the slides were meant to accompany a talk, not be the talk!

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